20 Jan 11


An ‘ooo’ turns to an ‘ouch’ as a hard stroke from the strap across a bare bottom sinks in. The girl is Ally Cole, the scene is shot by Firm Hand Spanking. I think she mistakenly thought the strapping was going to be fun. She takes a total of thirty [...]

18 Jan 11

Wicked Grin

An incredibly naughty look from sexy tomboy Sara Faye as [...]

16 Jan 11

Bum Wobble

A great bum wobble shot as the strap lands on [...]

14 Jan 11

Will It Hurt to Sit on It

Girl Spanks Girl new comer Desiree tests her sitting ability [...]

12 Jan 11

A Very Worried Girl

She’s bending over, her school uniform skirt is up, her [...]

06 Jan 11

Asian Girl Caned

Russian Discipline is another site specializing in severe punishment movie [...]

01 Jan 11

The Paddle for a Change

It’s good to see Lupus Spanking bring their usual severity [...]

30 Dec 10


Who says OTK hand spankings can’t be severe? Well, the [...]

28 Dec 10

Cheerleading Sucks

This poor girl is regretting ever becoming a cheerleader. After [...]

28 Dec 10


A nice impact shot as a sassy inmate at Bars [...]

08 Sep 10

Anyone Got an Icepack

She must be afraid her butt is about to burst [...]

07 Sep 10

Serious slippering

I remember from my own schooldays that the gym shoe [...]

06 Sep 10

That was a Hard One

Another bottom clutching shot, this time from a movie at [...]

05 Sep 10

Over My Knee, Now

Out of all types of spanking photos, I think that [...]

04 Sep 10

Not the Cane Again

Firm Hand Spanking again with a pre-caning facial shot. Bent [...]

03 Sep 10

Wait a Minute, Sir

Although it hurts like hell, she can take the thrashing [...]

02 Sep 10

Ow, That Hurt

“When you said you wanted to spank me, I thought [...]

19 Aug 10

A Lesson Learned

It’s not quite clear if she’s clutching her bum because [...]

18 Aug 10

Switching Welts

Lupus Spanking are well known for their highly professional productions [...]

17 Aug 10

Cute Panties Won’t Help

These cute panties are not going to be much help [...]

16 Aug 10

Domestic Disciplined

Another classic picture of costumed cuties at Cutie Spankee. Here [...]

15 Aug 10

But I’m too Old

Food for fantasy again as schoolgirl Hannah’s hands protectively cover [...]

14 Aug 10

Well Spread Butt

In this ‘interesting’ shot from the Lupus Spanking movie ‘The [...]

13 Aug 10

So That’s What It’s For

Well, that’s what you get for asking stupid questions. This [...]

12 Aug 10

Sitting Gingerly

Aileen, another Spanked at Home cutie, is sitting gingerly on [...]